Thinking Beyond: Conversations with Strategic Thinkers

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Value propositions are important; essential actually. But they are not sufficient for success in the dynamic marketplace. To add to the content available in my book, "Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win," and provide insight into what it looks like to put the V-REEL Framework to work, I've partnered with strategic thinkers from across the country to start and, in many cases, continue, strategic conversations. With V-REEL as our framework, we talk start-up strategy, business expansion strategy, not-for-profit strategy, personal strategy, and so on. The hope is you will gain insights relevant to your own situation by listening in on conversations I'm having with folks who are working in the trenches today to grow and extend their potential for creating value and winning in the marketplace. 

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Episode 6: Nick Mastronardi - V-REEL Your Start-up for Success

David Flint is joined by Nick Mastronardi, founder of POLCO, an innovative company working at the intersection of technology and community. POLCO provides a platform for civic engagement that empowers municipalities to engage citizens by giving them a venue to express opinions and respond to pols on local issues. POLCO provides verified user profiles and rich data without compromising the privacy of citizen participants. Already expanding throughout the US, Nick and his team are using V-REEL to remain aware of and defend against eroding factors like new entrants in the online polling space.

To learn more about POLCO, visit To learn more about the V-REEL Framework and get started on your own strategy, explore additional V-REEL resources, and purchase David's book Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win.

Episode 5: Jared Moore Part II - Key Enablers for Successful Entrepreneurship

In this second part in a two-part conversation with Avadi Dental founder Jared Moore, the conversation turns to key enablers that Jared has in place that have supported his entrepreneurial journey. Turning the conversation away from Avadi to Jared as an individual, David Flint focuses in on key enablers of an individual or organization, and how their presence or absence might change the way you approach business opportunities.

Learn more about Avadi Dental Laboratories at For additional V-REEL resources, check out or purchase David's book Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win here.

Episode 4: Jared Moore Part I: Finding Opportunity in Market Changes

In Part One of a two-part series, David chats with Avadi Dental Labs co-founder Jared Moore who is using V-REEL to position his company to succeed in a manufacturing industry that, like many, is facing dramatic changes as new technology is reshaping the industry. Jared used the V-REEL Framework to identify what will make Avadi valuable and rare in the long run. Learn how Jared is using V-REEL to help his team understand what makes Avadi Dental Labs distinctive in the marketplace so they can put the right enablers in place to take advantage of industry changes and build a winning company.

Learn more about Avadi Dental Labs at For more on V-REEL, get your copy of Think Beyond Value here:

Episode 3 - Christine Hollinden: Growing a Business Beyond the Founder

Host David Flint talks business strategy with marketing strategist Christine Hollinden, founder of the Hollinden marketing and branding firm located in Houston, TX. A long-time champion of David's V-REEL Framework, Christine talks with David about how she used the V-REEL to think through building her firm from a founder-centered operation to an organization serving a broad and growing client base. Learn more about Christine and her team at

Episode 2 - Marci Corry: Creating a Company from a Cause

David Flint is joined by Marci Corry, founder of Safe2Safe, an app-based start-up that is rapidly expanding by providing significant value to local merchants in the form of exceptional PR and marketing insights, all the while encouraging drivers to choose savings over texting while driving. By focusing on enabling real value creation, Safe2Save is expanding to the Houston, TX market and to online markets. Special offer for podcast listeners: download the Safe2Save app and use code: V-REEL to get 800 free rewards points! Learn more about Safe2Save at

Episode 1 - Jose Quintana: Entrepreneurship and Value Creation

Host David Flint talks business incubation strategy with serial entrepreneur and founder of the Innovation Underground Jose Quintana. The Innovation Underground (IU) is a business and technology incubator located in Bryan, TX. The IU is currently serving more than 50 start-ups in Texas, Europe, and South America. Learn more at