Think Beyond Value 

Now available in e-book, Think Beyond Value: Building Strategy to Win, introduces the V-REEL Framework and helps users consider how rare their value proposition is in the market as well as factors that are likely to erode that rareness over time. Working through the V-REEL Framework, entrepreneurs, product managers, business leaders, and even individuals will learn to think beyond value to make well-thought-out decisions about future plans, avoid potentially catastrophic mistakes, and devise a clear, practical plan to move forward. 

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Think Beyond Value readers will:  

  • Learn to evaluate their rareness in the marketplace and form sound strategies that will stand up to market conditions 
  • Recognize threats to their ability to create value and the potential for mitigating those threats 
  • Understand the dynamic nature of the marketplace and how to determine if they have enough time to create real value 
  • Learn when to walk away from an idea and pursue something better 
  • Discover simple terminology that can be used within and across business units to facilitate communication and decision making

Think Beyond Value presents complex ideas using simple, intuitive language. David uses examples from companies readers know and relate to and provides tools to help readers put the book’s ideas into practice.  

Think Beyond Value will change the way readers think through business ideas and leave them better prepared to thoroughly consider business plans. Using the V-REEL Framework, business teams will have a simple language to use to talk through ideas and formulate strategy. Readers will learn what to consider so they are able to develop sound reasoning and defend decisions and financial projections—no more baseless gut feelings or wild guesses.  

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Book Resources 

Use the links below to download matrices for thinking through Eroding Factors and Enabling Factors for both distinctive competencies and incompetencies. We have provided both pdf and Microsoft Excel versions of each tool.

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